WebDjVuTextEd - online DjVu text layer editor

WebDjVuTextEd allows editing the OCR text layer structure and content of DjVu files. It does not directly read the DjVu file, but exporting text to XML and images to PNG is easy, see below.

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If you uploaded your files to the webserver (recommended), specify the XML file in the "data" directory of this application, so that the PHP or ASPX save backend can write back your changes on every page turn. When running without your own webserver, you can open local files, then you can download your edited result (not so convenient). Help.

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Export/import help

Extract the text from a DjVu file with djvutoxml:

djvutoxml mybook.djvu mybook.xml

Extract the DjVu to multipage TIF with ddjvu and then separate that to PNG files (this example uses a loop to avoid excess memory usage with long books, write the number of pages instead of 129! On Windows you can use tools like XnView to split the TIF.).

ddjvu -format=tif mybook.djvu mybook.tif
mkdir mybook
for i in {0..129}
  convert "mybook.tif[$i]" mybook/mybook-$i.png

If you use Unix/Linux you can find a script in 'tools' folder. That also helps to fix XML errors and avoids ddjvu failure on creating too big TIF files.

To import finished XML data back to your DjVu:

djvuxmlparser -o mybook.djvu mybook.xml